Follow a programme that is designed to meet your needs

SCITT Programme

Programme Details

You will be based in a school from the start and feel part of the team, learning from outstanding professionals who will provide all the hands on training and support you need on a daily basis. You will be assigned a SCITT mentor and will follow a programme that is designed to meet your needs as you develop in confidence as a trainee teacher.


You will have an induction period, where you will meet the team, complete all compulsory safeguarding training, shadow and observe colleagues and complete a subject knowledge audit. After this short period you will begin to take on classes to teach by yourself, always with the support from other colleagues in your team and at a pace you are happy with.

Professional Studies

Throughout the course you will have weekly Professional Studies sessions which provide a framework for you to develop as a teacher and support the practical side of your training with more knowledge and academic research based input. This will include sessions delivered by the University of Derby lecturers who will facilitate the PGCE content of the programme and support you with research related assignments.

Subject Knowledge Sessions

An experienced Subject Knowledge Tutor will support the development of your subject delivery and support you in those areas which have been highlighted from your subject knowledge audit. Subject Knowledge Sessions will deepen your subject knowledge in relation to curriculum needs and appropriate teaching and learning strategies, with a particular focus on how educational issues such as assessment, planning, and delivery can be most effectively achieved in the classroom.  The focus is on practical solutions to ensure that you develop as a creative and reflective classroom practitioner. When required there may also be the opportunity to undertake a government funded Subject Knowledge Enhancement courses.

Second Placements

In order to get a full experience of teaching as well as your main placement school you will also spend five or six weeks in another school, and experience a series of shorter placements in other environments such as a special school, pupil referral unit and primary school. This means you’ll be exposed to all kinds of teaching experiences and challenges, gaining a clear insight on how to teach a full spectrum of learners in a range of school contexts.

Throughout the programme, you will feel like a member of staff; taking part in all aspects of life as a teacher. You will have a close team of people around you to support, guide and mentor you to achieve success as a trainee and feel ready to take up the challenge of being a Newly Qualified Teacher.